Mercedes benz case study essay

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Mercedes benz case study essay

Robathan First Principles, Light Weight Construction A guiding principle of mechanical efficiency and indeed aircraft construction is lightweight. The reasons are [particularly when applied to a motor car]: Manoeuvrability- improved handling and road holding — less weight to be moved Power to weight ratio advantage Improved acceleration and de-acceleration Fuel and materials efficiency Weight reduction forms the most powerful spiral of benefits and can be expressed thus: Reduce weight of chassis permits: Lightweight construction is also a function of sprung and unsprung weight distribution and its impact on handling.

Consider the evidence in a range of equipment that we have had direct experience of racing bicycle, hand tools, and wheelbarrow and camping equipment.

Theory and Sources of Inspiration Colin Chapman had a first class introduction to these concepts.

Mercedes Benz Production Of The AVV Case Study - Words

This was acquired through his academic training, applied experience and feedback, his experience in the RAF and as pilot. In addition Chapman is known to have read widely and extrapolated and modified existing ideas.

His membership of the Motor Club was possibly invaluable along with his immense innate skill as a driver. As we examine each chassis type we will return and look at existing precedent. Chapman was also supported by some very able people, gifted in their own right.

In particular the Second World War had accelerated technological developments especially in aeronautical engineering. From the time of the R airship geodesic design principle had been in used in airframes.

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The Wellington Bomber [by Barnes-Wallace] was a spectacular example. The Warren truss type construction was used in the Hurricane. Airframes were also moving towards monocoque fuselage.

The talent of Chapman was the ability to mutate and extrapolate some of these principles into the motorcar and use experts to help him focus and deliver practical outcomes. Although the application of aerodynamics in flight and the motorcar frequently differ Chapman was willing to borrow what was applicable and this allowed him to explore ground effect that in turn would interrelate with chassis design etc.

We should not overlook that weight saving is also a fundamental ingredient of green thinking.

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Saving energy and materials in construction and the energy required in use. However they are primarily concerned with resolving other considerations into a commercial package. In the pre Second World War era these were mainly: Simplicity in manufacture and assembly Low production and resultant sale price Reparability.

Serviceability and its impact on insurance Utility of meeting customer requirements e. It has significant shortcomings primarily that the chassis is not rigid enough to provide reliable and accurate steering. Further more basic chassis offered opportunities for competition such as the Motor Club where a standard chassis reduced costs, made the sport democratic and affordable and possible made for close intense racing where skill was emphasised over technology.

Mercedes benz case study essay

The Improved Ladder Frame: The Lotus Trials Cars and the Mk. III Having developed an interest in competitive motor sport Colin Chapman sought how to find advantage and improvement. In many branches of sport specifications required a proprietary chassis and scrutineering was enforced to achieve fairness and the objectives of affordability as mentioned above.

Chapman himself at this stage was on a modest budget but his desire to win combined with his application of theory into practice brought out the best of his sense of creativity, innovation, improvisation and interpretation of rules. The editor recommends the standard textbooks for fuller descriptions.

I [] Colin constructed a car to compete in trials based on the Austin Seven saloon chassis. The chassis was boxed in [i. The body was constructed of aluminium-skinned plywood. A form of drop down side was adopted to increase strength left by full opening doors.

Mercedes benz case study essay

An arrangements of three bulkheads was adopted. Some of the success of this car was attributed to additional mechanical alterations to improve handling. It was developed and improved with tubular bracing.

Chapman also modified the suspension and a Ford engine was fitted. III and it will feature shortly in a major article.Essays & Papers Mercedes Benz AAV Case - Paper Example. Mercedes Benz AAV Case. Related posts: Mercedes-Benz Aav ; Mercedes-Benz - All Activity Vehicles ; Mercedes Benz AAV’s Target Costing and Cost Analysis Strategies Mercedes Benz - Corporate Strategy in Emerging Markets.

Excerpt from Case Study: Mercedes-Benz What is the competitive environment faced by MB? MB's competitive environment consists of other brand manufacturers producing all-utility vehicles, a new market for automobile manufacturers in the s.

Published: Wed, 05 Jul This assignment will examine one of the most important concepts in the whole of economics – elasticity. It is the responsiveness of one variable (demand or supply) to a change in another (e.g. price). Colin Chapman and the Evolution of Lotus Chassis Design.

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Abstract Do you know what is world ranking of Mercedes-Benz in most famous brands? Do you know what is the /5(1).

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