Castle rock as a symbol

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Castle rock as a symbol

It's defensive capabilities were not as overt or as powerful as those of Edward I's other castles such as Harlech and Beaumaris which indicate the pinnacle of castle building and defenses in Britainbut Caernarvon was instead intended as a seat of power - and as a symbol of English dominance over the subdued Welsh.

During Edward I's invasions of Wales, this was strategically an excellent place to build a castle; Anglesey was referred to as the garden of Wales, providing agriculturally rich land close to the poorer land on north Wales.

The Menai Strait also allowed speedy access between the north Welsh coast Castle rock as a symbol the Castle rock as a symbol coast, and was therefore important for Edward to control for supplying outposts such as Harlech and Aberystwyth.

As with all of the castles of Edward's Iron Ring, Caernarvon was built on the shoreline as alluded to above, supplies came by sea due to the Welsh prowess in convoy ambush over land - see Welsh Warriors and Warfare page.

At Caernarvon, Edward also built a town, destroying the original Welsh settlement beforehand. Therefore as the entirety of the new settlement was of English origin, I use the anglicised "Caernarvon" as opposed to the Welsh "Caernarfon" in this article.

This motte was incorporated into the Edwardian castle, but was destroyed around Dr Lawrence Butler suggested to me that there is a good argument for a new resistivity survey to be carried out for the investigation of this. The Welsh retook the original motte in and retained control until Edward's invasion and colonization in The site's previous history also demonstrates the strategic importance of the site.

Edward's building was initiated by his march from Chester, and work probably began in May Edward wanted to create a nucleus of English influence in this area, which was previously so rich in Welsh tradition and anti-English feeling.

A Dark Shadow Descends: Witches Tortured in the Dungeons

He also wished to create Caernarvon as the capital of a new dominion - hence the incorporation of a town and market into the strong walls of the site. All of the initial building took place as a single operation, started in the summer of The first recorded entry of work was on the new castle's ditch, separating the castle from fortified town; this occurred on June 24th.

Next, as with most castles built in enemy territory, a wooden barricade was erected to defend the building works from attack. Timber was shipped in from Liverpool, Rhuddlan, and Conway, and labourers began to cut the moat - this also supplied the rock for the walls which were twenty foot thick at their base.

The Welsh township was also demolished at this time. The only tower of the castle completed during the first phase of building was the Eagle Tower; the main priority was to make the site defensible, before later adding the impressive architecture of dominion's new capital.

Work continued swiftly and the castle and town walls were substantially completed by late Madog ap Llywelyn over-ran the castle through this ditch in his revolt ofand succeeded in burning part of the castle and damaging the town walls. The English retook the castle next summer, and orders were given to make the castle defendable again by 11th November The town walls and castle were repaired, and the north wall of the castle was finally added, including the King's Gate.

Bythe building payments ceased and the castle stood with similar looks as it does today. Two halls existed - the Great Hall and a hall in the King's Tower.

The castle was intended to and capable of accommodating the household of the king's eldest son created Prince of Wales under Edward Iwith his council, family and guests also in attendance. As mentioned before, this was as the castle was intended as the capital of a new dominion, and a palace for the dynasty of the new Prince of Wales.

In addition to the grandeur, the castle also permanently housed a constable, watchmen, and the garrison. Edward's strongest castles were concentric, providing optimal defensive capabilities, but the use of castle and town walls provided up to two lines of defence, with the benefit of an ostentatious appearance - essential when considering Caernarvon's intended purpose.

However, it should not be assumed that Caernarvon was a weak castle - it's completed defences were formidable. The castle itself had two gateways defended by strong gatehouses; it also had seven towers lining it's walls which themselves were up to twenty feet thick.

As mentioned above, the north wall was initially absent, being defended by a ditch and the town itself; the second building phase saw this wall added, completed by the King's Gate.

The defences at the Queen's Gate were not as substantial as those at the other gateway; again, it was never fully completed. The gate was defended by twin towers, but could only be reached up the stone ramp from ground level to the summit of the earlier motte, on top of which the Queen's Gate was originally built.

This made it far less vulnerable to attack, but even so, the gate was defended by two drawbridges and five murder holes. The final, and major, part of Caernarvon's defences were the town walls.

Castle rock as a symbol

This was an yard circuit with eight towers and two twin towered gateways. The towers were situated 70 yards apart, the southern end of the circuit was blocked by the castle walls.

The town walls were entirely surrounded by water filled moats, and the Rivers Cadnant and Seiont, and of course, the Menai Strait. The East Gate was the principal entrance - defended by a drawbridge, crenellated gateway, and two towers.

The West Gate also had two towers, in addition to a barbican and portcullis; it faced out onto the Menai Strait. Daniel Mersey Other articles by Dan Mersey Cadw When the antiquarian traveller John Taylor visited Caernarfon in the middle of the 17th century, he commented "if it be well manned, victualled, and ammunitioned, it is invincible.

Here, King Edward seems to have gone to considerable lengths to give substance to the tradition linking Caernarfon with imperial Rome. The king must have known that the Roman fort of Segontium, lying just above the modern town, was inseparably associated in legend with Magnus Maximus, the usurper emperor.Jeff Thomas ords cannot do justice to Conwy Castle.

The best, simple description is found in the guidebook published by CADW, the Welsh Historic Trust, which states: "Conwy is by any standards one of the great fortresses of medieval Europe.".

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Modern Expedition to ‘Wifilisburg’ Castle

In historian Ashley Cowie ventured to the Black Forest with a film crew to explore Teutonic castle ruins to film a documentary episode on the history of the legendary Spear of Destiny. The expedition led them to Wewelsburg Castle, a magnificent Renaissance castle located above the village.

The village of Tretower boasts a fine 13th century circular keep and one of the finest late medieval houses in Wales.

Together they make up a property which for over years has been altered and adapted to keep up with style and the tastes of the time.

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