Auschwitz concentration camp research paper

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Auschwitz concentration camp research paper

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My first topic is the concentration camp Dachau.

Essay title: Auschwitz Research Paper

Then I will talk about another concentration camp called Bergen-Belsen. After that, I will tell you about the concentration camp Treblinka.

Finally, the last concentration I will talk about is Auschwitz-Birkenau. Describing these camps will inform you that concentration camps were a huge part of the Holocaust.

Dachau was a devastating concentration camp of the Holocaust. Dachau was built in At first, it was a extermination camp for Jewish people and political prisoners. Then it became a full-time concentration camp for prisoners. Inthe Nazis decided to force the occupants into back-breaking labor.

The Nazis made the prisoners make arms and supplies for the war. At this camp, they performed brutal medical experiments on the prisoners. Over 3, people had experiments performed on them and most all died.

When the war was coming to an end, the United States liberated over 32, prisoners on April 29, This was one of the most devastating concentration camps of the Holocaust. Bergen-Belsen was another horrifying concentration camp.

This camp was a holding center camp. This means that the people that were sent there were going to be kept there until they died, or until the war was over. The people at this camp were usually killed by diseases like tuberculosis and typhus.

The bodies were thrown all over and just disregarded like they were nothing at all. They had some mass graves to put the bodies in, but most were just lying around.

The most famous person from this camp was Anne Frank. Her diary lead today s generation to fully understand this period of time. When the camp was liberated on April 15,the British found 10, unburied bodies, and 40, sick, starving, or wounded.

Thus proves this camp was one of the most horrifying camps of the Holocaust. Another camp called Treblinka was a pure killing center. This death camp opened inmaking it one of the last death camps to open. The whole purpose of this place was to kill Jews.

They did this with 13 carbon-monoxide chambers. The people were sent to the camp by trains, unloaded, and sent into changing rooms. They were forced to give up their clothes and put new ones on.

Auschwitz concentration camp research paper

They were sent to either so called "showers", or a mass grave where they were shot. The carbon-monoxide chambers were disguised as the "showers.

This was the way they killed the prisoners. The Nazis killed about 50, people per month, making it the most efficient concentration camps ever made. This made Treblinka a pure killing center. The most notorious concentration camp ever was Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Auschwitz concentration camp research paper

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Sep 04,  · Samee Johnson Mr. Marshall; Period 2 Term 4 Social Studies Writing Benchmark Auschwitz Concentration Camp 4/4/3 Auschwitz­Birkenau is the general term for the network of Nazi concentration and labor camps, established near the Polish city of Oswiecim.

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A total of million Jews were killed during the captive time of Auschwitz. Another concentration camp was Belzec, which was also an extermination camp. Documents Similar To Concentration Camps Research Paper. Research Paper Death Camps-Revised. Uploaded by.

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