A comparison between the films the good the bad and the ugly and rio bravo

And cast some light upon the easily known and often unsung heroines. Who plied their beauty, moxie and craft to make their often secondary roles in films more memorable. Almost always opposite a strong leading man. And under the deft and knowing touch of a director who knew how to get the best and more from his leads and entire casts.

A comparison between the films the good the bad and the ugly and rio bravo

This is as classic as it can get. An old man tells his incredible life story. He tells it all. Once Upon a Time in the West Director: Sergio Leone Imdb rating: Railroad is encroaching the wild west.

Some are profiting from this development while some are losing their land to big sharks. To protect the helpless, there comes a rebel who stands against big guns. And joining the force is a mysterious stranger. The Outlaw Josey Wales Director: Clint Eastwood Imdb rating: A peaceful Missouri farmer named Josey Wales sets out to avenge the brutal murder of his wife and son by a band of pro-Union Jayhawkers — Senator James H.

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The Ox-Bow Incident Director: John Ford Imdb rating: The movie opens at a funeral. Fold by fold movie reveals the secret behind the man once who shot a feared outlaw Liberty Valance.

Seriously folks, you gotta watch this. A real treat for Tarantino fans. In a world set against black people, a free black slave is helped by an interesting German bounty hunter played amazingly by Christoph Waltz to rescue his enslaved wife from a cruel plantation owner from Mississippi.

Dances with Wolves Director: Kevin Costner Imdb rating: This is the journey of Lieutenant John Dunbar who finds himself standing where road to future splits in two. The story unfolds when we see Dunbar being sent to a remote outpost in the wilderness of the Dakota territory during the American Civil War.

There he encounters and is eventually accepted into, the local Sioux tribe. His life gets drifted more towards tribal values than his army duties. Not soon after, the frontier becomes the frontier no more, and as the army advances on the plains, Dunbar is torn apart to make a decision that will not only affect him, but also the lives of the natives he now calls HIS people.

The Wild Bunch Director: Sam Peckinpah Imdb rating: But their retirement plans are as rusty as their guns. A modern western depicting end of the wild west. Stagecoach Imdb rating: The Stagecoach tells the story of some interesting characters traveling in a stagecoach.


The story is spiced up by the fact that Geronimo and his Apaches are on the warpath in the area. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Director: George Roy Hill Imdb rating: Among the classic western movies based on the exploits of the historical characters, this one is a hilarious action western indeed.

Butch is the brain; Sundance is the muscle of the gang. Together they perform many adventurous robberies.

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But now the west is becoming civilized and the fashion of keeping outlaws in town is getting outdated.Dec 06,  · The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [Remastered] [Blu-ray] Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Phil, May 29, The Classic Film and TV Cafe is a blog devoted to classic movies and television series, ranging from the silent film era to the s.

Come into the Cafe and join in the conversation! The Good, the Bad and the Ugly () Western ALthough in many respects this film pales in comparison with Leone's later films, it is itself a brilliant cinematic achievement.

In part, this is because its failings primarily appear to be due to constraints of budget (very small and highly uncertain) and time more than anything else. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly movie.

A comparison between the films the good the bad and the ugly and rio bravo

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly movie. Visit. Discover ideas about Sergio Leone "the remake was El Dorado in a bad movie, but not as good as Rio Bravo, in my opinion)" "Pictures & Photos from Rio Bravo" "My favorite western!" "September 30 Happy birthday to Angie Dickinson" See more.

Breaking Bad, the AMC series is one of the highest critically acclaimed television series of the past decade, with a fanbase holding strong to this day. Rumors are circulating that the series might get its own feature film .

Feb 12,  · You see The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and Once Upon a Time in the West—consecutive films from the director of spaghetti westerns—and ask, Why both?

(Perhaps you demand, Why either?) (Perhaps you demand, Why either?).

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